Founded in 2010, Umoove is a dynamic startup that created a face and eye-tracking solution, compatible with all mobile devices. This delivers an additional layer of interaction to complement touch in the most natural way. Umoove's technology also enables a better understanding of user attention and interest, based on deep analysis of eye movement.

Face and eye-tracking has existed for decades but never like this. You may be familiar with similar technology in the form of hardware developed for the military or individuals with extreme physical limitations. Umoove offers precise face and eye-tracking on any smartphone or tablet with a front facing camera, without the need for additional hardware of any kind.  This tool is applicable to numerous facets of our modern world; gaming, advertising, analytics, eyewear, security, medical, and more.

Umoove created this ground-breaking technology and is now delivering it to mass audiences through mobile apps, business partnerships, and a revolutionary analytics platform.


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